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Here's what's going down in 2017!

The Strides2GloryVS website at will be expiring in FEB so it will no longer be accessible to the public until I pay for the new year. So don't be alarmed when that happens, The project is still going on.
If you'd like to support the project and the website, but don't want to become a monthly Patron you can just donate directly via paypal any amount to my email>>>

New Patreon reward for TIER 1/ TIER 2/ TIER 3 Patrons

From just $5 - $20, Patrons will now receive a collection HI resolution character sprites that can be used royalty free for your own individual projects. There will be new set of sprites each month for example: first month;
(standing idle, Walking, crouching,jumping) the next month.....
SET: 2
I will release (forward and back-dash, standing guard, crouching guard).
SET: 3
will be attacks and so fourth until you have a full completed character that you can use for whatever you want.

Sprites will be on a 640 by 480 square, aligned and color indexed for convenience meaning you wont have to do anything except press the automatic crop button in fighter factory or any other image handling software. Once a SET is completed you will have more than enough assets to convert each character to whatever play-style you want.  Street fighter, Tekken,  KOF.  Also once SETs reach completion new characters will be introduced.  Hopefully this will be a good way to attract more Patrons.

-Patrons will get demonstration videos Of the Characters in action
-P.S there will also be a Patron vote for the next 3 characters of each season.

1.Archetype - your faithful Boss type or whatever you can imagine
2.Amazon - a popular choice on my deviant art page.
3.Dragon Ranger -another popular choice

And If you haven't already seen
Azumi's new fight video

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What's up people! A new section has been added on the website(Xtra). This section has info regarding the stage environments and also clans/factions and groups.

More content will be gradually added to these sections.

And in case you missed it the combo system has been updated. (This is really just a test with embeding video's into journals :D)

Mitsuko Updates
Mitsuko has a few new moves and the overall combo system has been made more lenient. Wish I could have shown more combos but No-face was very defensive. I didn't want to risk being punished too much.

Move updates
mae-geri (front kick) is now a combo string.  (Mae-geri to right palm strike) DF+3,2.
It is nolonger completely safe and is now -11 on block and +1 on hit instead of being +7 on hit and -4.

DB+1+2 is now a single hitting high crush move with increased range.

Sub-Boss kaonashi/ No-Face

Sub-boss No-face is slightly different from when a human player picks him. One of the main differences is that he has infinite wind blades as opposed to 3.

New Corner-push system
New system implemented and has successfully prevented any infinite combos. It has also allowed me to make the combo system a little more loose.
Patreon is up for anybody interested in supporting my work and learning the process & tools I use to do these. Even the smallest donations helps!
And as usual you can watch fight videos on my deviant art channel here ben187
or at my youtube here -…
watch, subscribe and make sure you support our project. :) (Smile)

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Clone archetypes in fighting games have existed pretty much since the beginning. So how do you guys feel about the addition of clone counterparts with slight move variations? Examples of this can be seen in many fighting franchises;
-King & armor king
-Jack & P-jack
-Bryan & Bruce
Battle Arena Toshinden
-Eiji, Kayin & sho
-David & Judgement
Street fighter
You get the idea. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing in this project? Would this add some kind of nostalgic feeling to the game?
Especially since there are still spaces left in the Roster, not to mention this would speed up my work flow as copying moves over to another skeleton/rigg is literally cut and paste. I often spend hours watching fight videos and acrobats to think of moves.

Personally I think it would be interesting if the characters had some kind of counterparts. "Aya Yasui" actually has her father as a counterpart "Daigo Yasui".
What are your thoughts!?

P.S. The website has been updated again! Check it out!
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My first journal in years wow. Anyway My team and myself came up with an idea to get the community more involved in this project and at the same time fill out the roster. So here is the proposal..........

We figured it would be a great idea to feature some more characters developed by the community in our project. Specifically speaking we are in need of some big burly men characters. (Big man Archetypes) and would love to see some of your ideas. I don't mind you diverting from the archetype if you like, but that archetype would be preferable. You can consider this a competition if you like. We'll be eagerly awaiting your ideas and concepts! :thumbsup:

-humanoid (non-monstrous appearance)
-original concept


3.The Red Coat
4.Papa duum
5.Master Tao
7.Sputnik -X
8. KFM
10.Shoryu (Takuma)
11.Daigo Yasui

1.Sumiko (onna musha)
2.Kid Sumiko Murakami
3.Aya Yasui (Formerly hitsumi)
4.Major Mitsuko Yoshida
5.T.K.D girl
8.Major Benisatou
9.Madam Woe
10.Xi-yun Zhang

1.Sputnik N.B.K
2. Khulan
3.Ms Fukasawa
4.Nozomi Murakami
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Finally finished coding tsumikou's drunken master stance.
The new video has tsumikous new drunken master moves and madam roses new attacks, it's pretty funny :D

watch if you like :)

(I do not encourage under aged drinking!) and stay in school!!!!
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A youtube video on how I make my soundtracks, this one is Welcome To Tokyo. (The hardcore metal song)

The sound is kinda distorted but It's not too bad ^^;

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Mdk whoops the bejeezus out of 8+ survival match. Theres a nice little battle between Goku and unit:mdk near the end.…

Madam Rose:
I show off some of her moves and combos.…

These characters will be available for download as soon as I'm done :)

I'll be releasing an S.2.G mugen basically a little s2g game with these mugen mechanics that you can play for free as apposed to my actual s2g project. It's completely customizable (add your own music) characters to my s2g roaster. However my music and characters will be there as default :)
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Yeh ok guys, we are doing a small mugen project which is obvioiusly free, so this means you'll be able to use our characters in a mugen game! For those of you that dont know the mugen engine heres a link.…

thats mugen, literally any character you can imagine from a game can be used to fight eachother in any enviroment. The mugen package can be customized to your liking, you can add and remove characters, even create your own.

So we are creating sprites packs of our characters. You can bet your ass tsumiko will be in it lol:) But I don't know who else. So I ask if anyone has any choices? And it's a really simple process to download my sprites and place them in your mugen. The hardwork will be done by me actually creating the sprites from my cell shaded 3d models

jin shinjo (normal form but with awakened god arm power)
hiroku & raijin (final form)
madam woe  
madam rose
super benisato
The Big Bad Wolf (giant axe might be unfair and difficult to handle) might shrink it.
Noriko fukusawa
MDK 187
xi yun chang

and if you find the characters to be too cheap (as in unfair) then...tough! no just joking :D) let me know.

and anyone else in my gallery I have missed. :) the choice is yours. If I don't get many replies then I'll just go by DA most fav statistics which will probably be madam woe.
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Some of my tracks are now available for listening and downloading, I'll be updating regularly with songs. Most of my recent tracks are up as well as some old ones.

and let me know if you have any problems navigating, just use the player with the big S2G logo on then select a track. Pay no attention to the other random advertisement player haha :)

Oh and the volume swatch seems to reset after a track is finished so just adjust it after a track.

Note: Apologies for not replying to comments and notes yet, I am SO busy and have just got a new laptop recently sony vaio so I'll be back soon. :salute:

Note & Disclaimer: Tracks will not be available for FREE for long and please do not use my tracks without crediting me thank you! :D

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In less then a year my HP laptop has broken down, destroying my harddrive along with it. Luckily this time I saw the warning signs and backed up my stuff. But I can assure you watchers that I will not be buying from an incompetant company like HP again. Anyone who buys a "trash-top" from them need to consider signing themselves into a mental health clinic. I can safely say that the chances of a HP "lap top" or how I like to say "TRASH-TOP" breaking down is 100% certain NO EXAGGERATION, if you are using a HP laptop you are 100% likely to witness one of these problems.

1. bluthtooth vanishes one day for no reason and never returns.
2.Cmos decides that enough is enough and fucks it self up. causing date and time errors
3. Your laptop will over heat as if its on a holiday in hell, and shut itself off at random intervals, eventually screwing up your harddrive and MBR settings.
4. your laptop will say to it self. "why should I even bother turning on anymore?""screw this guys work" BLACK SCREEN OF DOOM, all lights are on but "no ones home" as they say.

After this HP will say to: try holding down the power button whilst the battery and charger are removed to "release static" HAHAHAHA! That is a mere fairy tale. Then they'll say give it to us to repair for 260 pounds and the problem will still happen again....and again...and again. So I got pissed off and opened the laptop up myself to see what was wrong, within seconds I saw the problem. the mother board is so cheap and poorly ergonomically constructed that the plastic from the on switch wire casing mealted onto the motherboard destroying the components. If you are experiencing the symptons with a HP laptop this is 90% likely the problem. Which means you must literally purchase a new motherboard only to have the same problem again later on.

Please do not invest in  HP.
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I've been getting soooooooo many soundtrack requests so I decided to do this journal. If there is a soundtrack that you want just tell me. Because I do not wanna post all of them on to a site and make them available for download simply because I get no profit from that and I don't know who is downloading them so this way I know.

Heres the list to jog your memory of the most recent tracks, any track posted later then these are not available (thanks to HP-laptop repair).

1.S2G intro theme
2.Formless like water(chotto ninja onna)tsumiko theme
3.Formless like water (instrumental) tsumiko theme
4.Asa no kaze (khulan kirei kaze theme)
5.Asa no quena
6.The Final sail of Asa no kaze
7.The koto
8.The Unforgiven (Hiroku theme)
9.Strides to honour the rivals
10.Who will cry for me
11.Who will cry for me( instrumental)
12.Vampires Night
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So I get my laptop back from HP and guess what.. It's unrepaired. My orginal problem was that the piece of shit didnt even switch on and boot up. now all its does it boot up-switch off and boot up repeatedly. I guess in someways I got what I asked for, and to make matters worse my girlfriend rented out a apartment in kanagawa were I specifically told her not to, I said I'd help her pay for a place in Tokyo. I do hope she understands that the next time I visit japan she won't be seeing me, because there is no way in hell I am commuting to tokyo prefect from kanagawa everyday I really don't have that much money! I guess no nobody listens to me anymore

I am not a happy guy.:(

an apology to all for the deviations and comments I haven't replied to but I am really stressed at the moment.
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i'm back in the uk now, after the best holiday I ever had. I say that every time I visit japan lol. But this time we went outside of tokyo and even spent a night at a friends in rural japan rather then our 5 star hilton hotel. I must say I did not enjoy the conditions in his house, sleeping on a blanket on a shoji mat is quite uncomfortable. I didnt get to see my girlfriends family, mainly because I did everything to avoid it lol. Maybe next time I visit japan I will pluck up the courage to.

oh and a notice to anyone planning to go to japan. 2 weeks in tokyo is quite expensive! I recommend you are well equipped financially before going. Also learn some japanese! because you'd be surprised how many japanese do not know english. other then that the people are super polite and often approached me and actually tried engage in conversation.
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Well i'm off to japan today for 2 weeks! Wish me luck with meeting my girlfriends family for the first time ever because I will certainly need it. lol

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I go back to japan on the 19th for 2 weeks! during the course of these two weeks i will meet my girlfriend's parents and family for the first time. Wish me luck............ :( lol. I hope my japanese is good enough to keep a good convo going otherwise it may not go according to plan.

Also I will be taking reference photos to help me with the s2g project, I will be even visiting aokigahara to see what it looks like first hand and to make sure our aokigahara level is accurate; besides that I will be enjoying my holiday spending money like crazy with my friends again.

:) Have a nice holiday everyone
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Thanks everyone who faved my work and watched me also, i would loved to reply to all comments but there are SO many. I will try my best and thanks again :hug:
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I don't get this crazy world, do I really look like a kid? I needed to show I.D to buy super glue! Has anyone ever been asked to produce I.D for super glue? last time I got rejected from trying to purchase an 18 rated game and even more silly: glue?  I am F*CKING 20 year olds, turning 21 in February. I would have been ok, if I actually had the I.D to produce. But instead I left the shop with nothing. damn..:(
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First of all thanks for the 100s of messages lol, I really can't go and reply to all of them because I'm so busy these days but just to let you know, to the people that faved, watched and commented, a big thank you.

I also forgot to tell you guys that Japan was F*cking brilliant, We had the best holdiday of our lives. Also my girl friend has finally moved out of her home and got us an apartment in Osaka. So no more expensive hotels for me when I next go to Japan to visit her family. Staying at the Hilton Tokyo hotel was awesome however. I especially loved how our room was cleaned spotless each morning despite looking like a warzone the previous night. A big thank you to that geisha :) we never did get her name because she always secretly snuck into our room even during showers lol.

Thanks again
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hello people i am currently laughing my head off at a certain deviant who has, well what looks to be posting other peoples work and claiming them as his own. I am just informing to check out his gallery because i honestly do not know what to think, i have already questioned him only to have my comments hidden in a act of cowardice. He cannot defend himself very well at all. His gallery is full of inconsistent styles, when normally a artist style will show some degree of gradual change and consistent styles. He also claimed that a digital drawing was in fact a pencil drawing? even stevie wonder could see that this was no pencil drawing.
Also he clearly google imaged a picture on the net claiming it to be a digital painting of his mum when in fact it is a photograph from image shack.

heres is a link to his gallery take a look yourself see what you think: please pay attention to his poor picture description and mountain of hidden comments. I REALLY HATE ART THIEVES! especially speaking from experience.…

if he really "drew" these thing i will bow down to him and beg for forgiveness!! maybe i'm being too rash here, but this guy looks like a fraud to me sorry :(
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hi! sorry for not replying to comments and favs, im in tokyo/shinjuku at the moment and i am too busy to do anything.  ill reply when i get back. until then thank you! :hug: